Empty Cookie Tins for Wholesale

Our recent and continuing investments in the latest can manufacturing and printing technology enable us to offer the highest quality metal packaging in the industry. Since we control the timing and quality of every can project from start to finish, you can count on us. Our on-time delivery and year-round support of our stock tin program enables you to offer dependable delivery times for your customers. Our good word allows production planning and better inventory management.

Why Independent Can for stock cookie tins?
Largest stock tin program in the world – supported year round
Award- winning, in-house metal lithography
Prompt, personal assistance from highly trained and experienced staff
Responsive lead times, reliable communication and unmatched performance
brand enhancement and shelf impact

Food Safety and Recyclability
We meet the high standards for food contact packaging. Our inks and coatings used for food packaging are FDA approved. Our steel packaging is 100% infinitely recyclable. Steel can be recycled over and over without loss of quality and in turn, using less energy than it takes to make new. Learn more about the sustainability of decorative cookie tins.